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US supports ceasefire agreements throughout Syria, former US diplomat

 Although the policy of the US Administration regarding Syria is not clear, it supported all ceasefires throughout Syria in Idlib and in areas northeast the country, the former US Special Envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey, said regarding any potential Turkish invasion in areas northeast Syria.   

“It is true that it isn’t clear on Syria but one thing that Biden team has said  repeatedly is supporting all the ceasefires, which includes the ceasefire in Idlib, and the ceasefire in northeast between the Turks, US and the SDF or the Syrian Kurds,” Jeffery said.

In an exclusive interview with North Press, the former US diplomat noted, “The Biden administration would react just vigorously on what Trump administration did if there was a major ground offensive by Turkey and Turkey’s allies.”

When asked about Russian presence in areas of northeast Syria, Jeffery said, “We view them as allies against common interest to defeat ISIS.”

“We and Russia took a different position on the whole fighting against ISIS and we did in Afghanistan and Iraq initially,”……….” We haven’t taken up that position not with the Syrian Kurds, our allies in northeast, not with the Iraqis,” he noted.

The US support to the Syrian Kurds is “tactical temporary and transaction,” according to Jeffery.

“US has no a plan, a mission or a reason preference for the future of northeast Syria and our allies partners beyond being safe from ISIS, being safe from attacks by Assad and participating in political development of this country under the UN resolution 2254,” he added. 



Source: US supports ceasefire agreements throughout Syria, former US diplomat

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