The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Second massacre in 2022 | Five civilians killed in Turkish bombardment on Ain Issa countryside

SOHR activists have documented the death of five civilians and injury of four others in Turkish bombardment on Hdayrat village in the east of Ain Issa district in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah. According to SOHR sources, the fatalities’ bodies have not been recovered yet due to the ongoing bombardment.


It is worth noting that the Turkish bombardment coincides with exchange of rocket fire between Syria Democratic Forces on one hand, and Turkish forces and their proxy factions on the other nearby Latakia-Aleppo international highway “M4” in the eastern part of Ain Issa district, along with ongoing clashes between the two sides on the frontlines of Al-Mshayrifah and Jahbal villages, as Turkish rocket and artillery fire paves the way for the Turkish-backed factions to advance into that region.


Observatory sources reported earlier this morning that Ankara-backed factions attempted to infiltrate into positions on the international highway “M4” from the eastern side of Ain Issa district, the capital of Autonomous Administration in north of Al-Raqqa, in the early hours of Saturday morning.


This development coincided with intensive rocket fire carried out by Turkish forces and their proxies on the area, as well as the ongoing clashes in and around Ghuwayran prison in Al-Hasakah city.


It is worth noting that this was the most violent attack waged by Turkish forces in more than two months. However, no causalities were reported.