Breaching local council contract | "Asifat Al-Shamal" brigade seizes Turkish energy company in Azaz city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Breaching local council contract | “Asifat Al-Shamal” brigade seizes Turkish energy company in Azaz city

Aleppo province: Reliable sources have reported that the members of “Asifat Al-Shamal” brigade operating under the banner of the “National Army” have broken into the Turkish energy company in Azaz city in northern Aleppo.

The brigade’s members have expelled employees of the company after breaching the terms of an agreement signed between “Azaz Local Council” and the company, which stipulates that power would not be cut for long hours and that alternative power generators would be equipped and activated in event of malfunctions.

This development comes after the Turkish company issued a decision to rationalise electricity, where the hours of power cut in Azaz city reached 11 hours, which was met by widespread public discontent.

It is worth noting that areas under the control of Turkish forces and “National Army” factions in the countryside of Aleppo have recently seen large outbursts of anger and protests against Turkish companies supplying electricity to areas under their control after those companies increased the price of power.

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