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Fled Ghuwayran neighbourhood | Regime forces arrest five civilians in the security zone in Al-Hasakah

Reliable sources have told SOHR that regime forces in the security zone in Al-Hasakah city have arrested five displaced civilians who have fled Ghuwayran neighbourhood in Al-Hasakah city following ISIS attack on “Ghuwayran-Al-Sina’a” prison and its control of some neighbourhoods around the prison.


According to SOHR sources, the five civilians were arrested in Felastin street “Palestine Street” in the regime’s “security zone” in Al-Hasakah city, as regime forces and security services are checking criminal records of all comers: men, women and children, leaving them awaiting at checkpoints for long time, amid media blackout.


As SOHR has been monitoring and tracking all details and latest bloody developments on the ground since the early moments of ISIS attack on “Ghuwayran- Al-Sina’a” prison and its surroundings in Al-Hasakah city on January 20 night, Observatory sources reported earlier today that  regime and opposition-run media websites, whether in Syria or in Turkey, reported and circulated fabricated and false news since the beginning of ISIS attack on the prison, claiming that the organisation carried out dozens of attacks on Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions in Deir Ezzor countryside and other areas in Al-Hasakah, Al-Raqqah, and Manbij and killed leading SDF figures and members. However, most of the circulated news by the regime and the opposition media was false.


One example, among many, was reports by some of the opposition’s news websites on the death of a commander of Manbij Military Council in gunfire, although he died in a road accident. Moreover, some videos circulated on social media displaying ISIS battles that took place before 2017 in an attempt to spread chaos.


Such opposition baseless news was a part of a media campaign promoted also by the state-run media coverage that showed the regime as “a dove of peace” receiving dozens of people who had escaped into the “security zone” in Al-Hasakah.


The regime governing media portrayed those dozens of people as thousands and that only regime forces with the support of its loyal Russian forces and proxy militias of Iranian, Afghan, Iraqi, and other nationalities could protect them from the ISIS attacks by carrying out almost daily operations on the organisation’s hideouts in the Syrian desert.


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), call upon the international and Arab media to be cautious when publishing video of ISIS old attack as fresh raids on the areas under the control of the SDF and also to consider before citing baseless news and reports published under the Turkish loyal opposition-funded media campaign.

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