The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes continue in the vicinity of al-Zabadani and more deaths in Eastern Ghouta and it vicinity, and the regime forces shell Al-Quneitera

Rif Dimashq Province:

Two fighters of the Islamic factions died in al-Zabadani city during the clashes between Hezbollah, the militiamen loyal to the regime forces and the fourth squad against Ahrar al-Sham movement and Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant) and local fighters in the vicinity of the city, coincided with advancement for the regime forces to the west parts and southeast of al-Zabadani city, while the warplanes attacked and the regime forces launched what is thought to be ground-to-ground missiles on places in the city and its vicinity, and the fighters targeted two armed vehicle for the regime forces in the outskirts of the city.
A child, 2 citizen and 3 unidentified people died when the warplanes carried out raids on areas in Ayn Tarma town in the Eastern Ghouta the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation.
The regime forces shelled areas in the east of Ma’addamyat al-Sham in the Western Ghouta which caused injuries. They also targeted areas in the orchards of al-Kesweh town in the west of Rif Demashq.


A shell landed on Dahiyat al-Assad killing a citizen and injuring his son, another also shell landed on area in the vicinity of al-Mqelbiyyeh town in the west of Rif Demashq, no information about casualties.


Al-Quneitera Province:

The regime forces shelled areas in towns and villages of the mid-section countryside of Al-Quneitra, no information about casualties. The countryside of Al-Quneitra has witnessed ongoing shelling and airstrikes carried out by the regime air force, besides continued clashes between the rebel and Islamic factions against the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them.