Cautious calm in Ghuwayran prison surrounding area in Al-Hasakah | SOHR calls to solve ISIS prisoners crises in Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Cautious calm in Ghuwayran prison surrounding area in Al-Hasakah | SOHR calls to solve ISIS prisoners crises in Syria

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have monitored alarming calm in Al-Hasakah neighbourhoods and Ghuwayran prison after clashes stopped this evening, while SDF, Internal Security Forces and Counter Terrorism forces sieged Al-Sina’a prison, which holds thousands of ISIS rebels.

This comes with flight of “International Coalition” helicopters over the region.

It is worth noting that prisoners are kept without water or food for over 72 hours, amid fear of the lives of hundreds of young aged prisoners “Ashbal Al-Khilafa”, estimated to be nearly 700 children including 12 year-old children, according to statement by SDF media center.

SOHR calls to transport and export these children from Ghuwayran prison and send the foreigners back to their cities, and put Syrians in schools and rehabilitation centers to return to normal lives.
SOHR also calls the international community to solve ISIS prisoners’ case in Syria and return ISIS foreign members to their cities to be held accountable for their actions, and to hand ISIS cells to public trials according to rules of the region.

SOHR activists reported that an interior authority in “the Autonomous Administration” has issued a resolution to impose complete internal and external curfew in Al-Hasakah city for seven days starting tomorrow on Monday, to prevent infiltration of ISIS cells into the region.

The resolution excluded service institutions that require continuation of work such as overns, gas stations and health centers.

The resolution includes partial curfew among other cities and states from six p.m. until six a.m. where traveling between cities is prohibited during the curfew period.

This resolution came in light with the ongoing clashes in Ghuwayran and the neighbourhoods of Al-Hasakah city for the third consecutive day since Thursday on January 20, which is over 72 hours. SDF couldn’t completely handle the prisoners’ rebellion and couldn’t release hostages held by ISIS cells.

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