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Harsh weather in north-west Syria | Displaced people in makeshift camps suffer

People living in makeshift camps in north-west Syria have been suffering from worsening living conditions in light of wave of inclement weather with lowering temperature and fall of snow which have damaged tents and blocked passages and roads, as well as paralyzing the traffic movement and access of emergency aid almost completely.

SOHR reliable sources have documented considerable damages to several camps, including Salah Al-Din, Ataa Al-Khir, A’doon and Al-Jabal, due to the snowfall in the countryside of north and west Idlib, and other camps in Darkoush and Barishya areas.

Coating of snows, rainfalls and severe coldness have worsened the sufferings of the families that could not afford buying materials used for heating due to their bad living conditions.

A displaced lady, who is known by her initials as A. K. from Saraqib in south Idlib countryside and living now in one of the makeshift camps in north Idlib with her four children told SOHR, “I set fire to my family’s clothes to warm my children in light of lack of heating tools.”

The woman expressed her concern about further deterioration of conditions in the camp in light of the severe cold and shortage of humanitarian aid, adding “I get only one food basket every three months.”

Meanwhile, a displaced man known by his initials as A. S. from south Idlib countryside and living now in Barishya camp told SOHR that “snowfall has caused collapse of several tents and their inhabitants are in need for basic essentials like heating materials.”

He adds “the nearly four-year-old tents have become very torn and not suitable for living. The humanitarian organisations should back and support the displaced people and help in securing all the basic essentials.

It is worth noting that more than four millions people live in Idlib city and countryside suffer bad living conditions especially in winter amid inability of the humanitarian organisations to provide aid, improve living conditions and help the displaced people in the makeshift camps.

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