SOHR: 154 killed in clashes around Hasake prison • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: 154 killed in clashes around Hasake prison

At least 154 people have been killed, according to a death toll that is being constantly updated following violent clashes that have been ongoing for the past four days in northeastern Syria between ISIS militants and Kurdish-Syrian forces near and inside the prison of Hasake, which was stormed by jihadist insurgents in the night between Thursday and Friday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The monitoring group said that 102 Isis militants and detainees were killed, while 45 victims included prison guards and Kurdish militants. Civilian victims so far are seven, according to the same source.

The observatory and other sources on the ground agreed in stating that the death toll is expected to grow in the coming hours. Since Monday morning, Kurdish forces aided by the US-led anti-ISIS coalition concentrated tanks and more forces around the prison of Ghweiran and are preparing for the final assault against an unspecified number of jihadist militants and detainees who have refused to surrender.

Thousands of civilians in the area around the prison were forced to flee over the last few days, while a curfew was imposed on the entire city, whose residents are in difficult humanitarian conditions due to the absence of electricity and low winter temperatures. It is unclear how many ISIS detainees evaded and how many are still fleeing but local sources said that many jihadists who escaped prison are hiding among the local population.



Source: ANSAmed

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