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Al-Hasaka prison | Military forces continue searches and combing dormitories and call on ISIS prisoners to surrender

Al-Hasakah province: Cautious calm prevails in Ghuwayran prison and its surroundings in Al-Hasakah city, along with the ongoing flights by Coalition aircraft and constant calls by military forces inside the prison upon ISIS prisoners to surrender and leave the dormitories in which they are holed up, SOHR sources reported.

Meanwhile, military forces exercise extreme caution in dormitories searches, concerning about the lives and safety of the captives.

This coincides with ongoing combing operations in the vicinity of the prison in search for ISIS members, while Coalition aircraft have broken through the sound barrier in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, ISIS prisoners were transferred yesterday from Ghuwayran prison to Al-Shaddadi.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that a group of children, who had fought in the ranks of ISIS-backed formation of the “Caliphate Cubs” and were held in Ghuwayran prison, was evacuated from the prison, where they transported in the buses which carried ISIS prisoners. However, the final destination of these buses remained unknown.

On the other hand, very reliable sources informed SOHR that negotiations were underway between the military forces and ISIS to set the hostages and SDF captives free in return for curing injured ISIS members in the prison. 

SOHR activists confirmed that the total death toll since the start of Ghuwayran prison break on Thursday evening has reached 159: 107 ISIS fighters, seven civilians and 45 members of Asayish Forces, prison guards and counter-terrorism forces.

Observatory asserts that the death toll is even higher, and the real number of fatalists is not exactly identified, as the fate of dozens of members on both sides is still unknown. In addition, there are many people who have sustained serious injuries.