ISIS ongoing rebellion in Ghuwayran prison | SDF clashes with ISIS members rejecting to surrender • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS ongoing rebellion in Ghuwayran prison | SDF clashes with ISIS members rejecting to surrender

Al-Hasakah province: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that violent clashes erupted between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS armed members, most of whom were of Arab and foreign nationalities.

The SDF attempts to regain control of the remaining sections inside “Al-Sina’a” prison in Ghuwayran neighbourhood in Al-Hasakah where some ISIS members were staging armed disobedience.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that a group of children, who had fought in the ranks of ISIS-backed formation of the “Caliphate Cubs” and were held in Ghuwayran prison, was evacuated from the prison, where they transported in the buses which carried ISIS prisoners. However, the final destination of these buses remained unknown.

On the other hand, very reliable sources informed SOHR that negotiations were underway between the military forces and ISIS to set the hostages and SDF captives free in return for curing injured ISIS members in the prison.

According to SOHR sources, a Syrian ISIS “Emir” (top commander) supervised the process of treating some ISIS members in field clinics.

Meanwhile, foreign ISIS prisoners had refused to surrender and continued their disobedience in the prison’s sections for the fourth consecutive day, since the beginning of the attack on the prison.

SOHR activists documented the death of five ISIS members affected by their injuries, two of whom died before reaching field clinics.

Accordingly, the total death toll since the start of Ghuwayran prison break on January 20 evening has reached 159: 107 ISIS fighters, seven civilians and 45 members of Asayish Forces, prison guards and counter-terrorism forces.

Observatory asserts that the death toll is even higher, and the real number of fatalists is not exactly identified, as the fate of dozens members on both sides is still unknown. In addition, there are many people who have sustained serious injuries.

SOHR sources had reported renewed clashes inside Ghuwayran prison in Al-Hasakah city, after airstrikes by International Coalition aircraft on positions where ISIS members holed up.

Reliable sources told SOHR that SDF, Asayish Forces and Counter-Terrorism Forces continued searching for ISIS members and fugitive prisoners in neighbourhoods around Ghuwayran prison, as members and prisoners were expected to be hiding in abandoned houses, whose inhabitants were displaced over the recent dramatic developments. It is worth noting that these joint forces had accomplished combing the open areas in these neighbourhoods yesterday.

On the other hand, ISIS prisoners in other sections of the prison, including the section where children of the “Caliphate Cubs” of different nationalities were held, continued their disobedience.

SOHR activists reported seeing the buses which carrying ISIS prisoners crossing into Al-Qamishli city. However, the final destination of these buses remained unknown.

A few hours earlier, SOHR sources reported that the military Forces stationed inside Ghuwayran prison managed to free several combatants, employees and guards who were held in sections of the prison free of ISIS members. On the other hand, A military operation started in the prison, where the military forces stormed the section which was under the control of ISIS members who refused to surrender, while evacuation of ISIS prisoners held in other sections of the prison continued, where they were transported by buses to safer areas.

Reliable SOHR sources had reported that ISIS gunmen stationed and hidden in a section of Ghuwayran prison refused to surrender.

Meanwhile, the military forces stationed in the vicinity of the prison clashed with the organisation’s armed members in other hideouts in the prison surrounding areas, while aircraft of the International Coalition were flying over the region.

In the same context, the military forces continued their inspection and combing operations in other sections of the prison and started to transfer the prisoners to safer areas.

The number of the prisoners who were transferred by buses to these areas reached 400. However, SOHR sources confirmed that some unarmed prisoners in some of the prison’s sections refused to leave the prison and announced disobedience by closing the doors to prevent the forces from entering the sections of the “Caliphate Cubs”, the children who had fought in ISIS ranks.

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