32 freed so far | More hostages evacuated from Ghuwayran prison, some appeared in video circulated by ISIS • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

32 freed so far | More hostages evacuated from Ghuwayran prison, some appeared in video circulated by ISIS

Death toll of the deadliest ISIS attack in three years jumps to 181

Al-Hasakah province: Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that the military forces managed to free 17 combatants and employees of  Ghuwayran prison yesterday. These people were taken hostages by ISIS members inside the prison, while most of them had appeared in the video footage circulated by ISIS. Accordingly, the number of hostages freed in the past two days has risen to 32 people. However, there are other people still held hostages by ISIS inside the prison. The recently-freed hostages have confirmed that most of the ISIS members who attacked the prison were of Arab and foreign nationalities, according to SOHR sources.


On the other hand, military forces continue inspection and combing operations in the quarters of Ghuwayran prison, Al-Zuhour neighbourhood and other areas around the prison, amid sporadic clashes with ISIS members and cells, as ISIS gunmen have refused to surrender. It is worth noting that the operations in the past few hours left more casualties on both sides.


Accordingly, the total death toll since the start of Ghuwayran prison break on January 20 evening has reached 181: 124 ISIS fighters, seven civilians and 50 members of Asayish Forces, prison guards, counter-terrorism forces and SDF.


Yesterday, Observatory sources reported that military forces fully controlled one building out of five buildings of the prison, while the prisoners were evacuated from this building. Accordingly, the number of ISIS prisoners who were transported from the prison rose to 650, amid ongoing efforts by military forces to control other ISIS-free buildings, which experienced disobedience by unarmed prisoners.

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