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Afrin | Turkish intelligence and “Military Police” release four people for ransom

Aleppo province: Reliable sources have informed SOHR that the Turkish intelligence has released the elder of Qoujman village in Jendires district, this week, for a ransom of 3,000 TL, and also has freed the elder of Qourabah village for 1,000 TL. Meanwhile, the son of Qourabah’s elder is still under detention until his relatives pay a ransom. The Turkish intelligence has arrested the three people on January 12.

On the other hand, the “Military Police” have released two people from Al-Shawargha village in Afrin city, on January 23, for 3,000 TL and 1,000 US dollars for each.

It is worth noting that the collected ransom has been distributed between “the Military Police and the Military Court”. The two people were arrested over charges of dealing with the “Autonomous Administration” during its control on Afrin.

Meanwhile, “Al-Jabah Al-Shamiyah” faction has released a resident from “Kousah” village in Rajo district for unknown ransom.

On January 14, SOHR sources reported that a patrol affiliated with the Turkish intelligence service raided a house of the mayor of Qougman village in Jandaris district and arrested him after severely beating his mother, sister, and brother.

According to sources, the major was charged with trading narcotics and imposing levies on the village residents on behalf of “Abu Saleh Orm”, a leading member in the Turkey-backed Al-Hamzah division.

On the other hand, the Turkish Intelligence Service, in the same day, arrested the mayor of “Qourabah” village in Jandaris district and his son. The two persons were taken to Afrin city, but charges behind their detention remained unknown.

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