Death toll updates in Ghuwayran prison| Combing operations ongoing inside prison and Al-Hasakah neighbourhoods • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Death toll updates in Ghuwayran prison| Combing operations ongoing inside prison and Al-Hasakah neighbourhoods

SOHR activists have reported that an ISIS fighter shot a member of Special Forces of SDF dead, before the fighter was killed after his hideout was shelled, meanwhile combing operations are still ongoing in nearby buildings.

These developments came with flight of an “International Coalition” jet over the region.

Accordingly, the total death toll since the start of Ghuwayran prison break on January 20 evening has reached 262: 181 ISIS fighters, seven civilians and 74 members of Asayish Forces, prison guards and counter-terrorism forces.

Observatory asserts that the death toll is even higher, and the real number of fatalists is not exactly identified, as the fate of dozens members on both sides is still unknown. In addition, there are many people who have sustained serious injuries.

Earlier today, reliable sources reported large-scale combing operations by SDF, Asayish Forces and Counter-Terrorism Forces in residential neighbourhoods nearby Ghuwayran / Al-Sina’a prison, including Ghuwayran, Al-Zuhour, Boma’ish and Al-Naserah, searching for ISIS members.

According to SOHR sources, tight security measures are imposed on the residents, amid checking IDs and rigorously inspection in houses and neighbourhoods.

On the other hand, the remaining ISIS fighters in the prison are still refusing to surrender, as they swore to fight to death. Meanwhile, military forces are besieging this group, but they didn’t launch any operations against the group so far, fearing possible presence of hostages, especially since some of the prison’s employees and guards are still missing.

SOHR sources reported that inspection and combing operations continued in the quarters and buildings of Ghuwayran / Al-Sina’a prison in Al-Hasakah city, from which prisoners were evacuated. Meanwhile, tens of ISIS gunmen were stationed in the prison’s basements, where the military forces were not able to get closer to these well-fortified basements. According to SOHR sources, these basements were out of reach of the airstrikes by the International Coalition. While the military forces tended to wait until hanger forced ISIS gunmen to surrender.

SOHR sources also reported that ISIS fighters swore to fight to death and refused to surrender whatever happens.

The ongoing operations inside the prison coincided with ongoing inspection and combing campaigns in the neighbourhoods of Al-Naseriyyah, Al-Mufti, Ghuwayran, Al-Zuhour and other areas, searching for ISIS cells.

On the other hand, reliable SOHR sources confirmed that the military forces found the bodies of 18 combatants during the combing operations inside Ghuwayran prison, as they had been killed by ISIS members. SOHR also documented the death of seven ISIS members in airstrikes by International Coalition aircraft on positions where ISIS members holed up nearby the prison.

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