Al-Hasakah | family accuses “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” of kidnapping their son and calls for releasing him • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Hasakah | family accuses “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” of kidnapping their son and calls for releasing him

Al-Hasakah province: A family from Al-Hasakah city has accused “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” (the Revolutionary Youth) of kidnapping their 14-year-old son, where a woman appeared in a video footage on social media calling for bringing back her child showing a family document proving his real age.


The woman, who was speaking in Kurdish, said that her son and his friends volunteered to guard Al-Mufti neighbourhood during the dramatic developments in Ghuwayran prison in Al-Hasakah city, before he went missing three days ago. Local sources have confirmed that the boy was kidnapped in front of the headquarters of “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” by unknown individuals travelling in a car.


This coincides with growing public anger in SDF-held areas over ongoing recruitment of children by “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” (the Revolutionary Youth).


We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, renew our demands to both “Autonomous Administration” and SDF, the effective holders of power in that region, to stop taking advantage of disputes of children with their families and put an end to recruitment of children in the ranks of Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah. We also call upon “UNICEF” and all organisations concerned with the rights of the children to intervene immediately and put an end to violations against children and the recruitment of children into armed groups and to bring all minor recruits back to their families.


On January 6, SOHR sources reported that “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” (the Revolutionary Youth) kidnapped a 16-year-old girl known by her initials as A. M. from Al-Darbasiyyah city on the Syria-Turkey border in order to drive her to its military camp in Al-Qamishli city.


According to SOHR sources, the girl was kidnapped while she was attending a nursing course in Al-Darbasiyyah city.


While on January 4, SOHR activists reported that “Al-Shabibah Al-Thawriyah” members kidnapped a 16-year-old girl who had been displaced from Manbij to Al-Raqqa city, and took her to their camps. Meanwhile the girl’s relatives demanded Al-Shabibah Al-Thawriyah release her without receiving a respond to their demand.

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