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Five fighters killed | ISIS “Emir” surrenders with 20 followers in Ghuwayran prison

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have documented the death of five ISIS fighters inside Ghuwayran prison in clashes with SDF.

On the same context, an ISIS “Emir” (top commander) known as “Abu Abaida” has surrendered with 20 of his followers who were inside the last building of Ghuwayran prison in Al-Hasakah. SDF and Counter Terrorism Forces arrested them and seized their weapons, amid ongoing combing operations in the last building and nearby neighbourhoods in Al-Hasakah.

SOHR activists reported that a joint patrol between Counter Terrorism Forces and SDF, under supervision of American forces, executed a security operation to save five hostages held by ISIS fighters in a residential building in Ghuwayran neighbourhood in Al-Hasakah, when the Counter Terrorism Forces sieged the building all around.

According to SOHR sources, the joint forces killed three ISIS fighters, two of them bombed themselves with explosive belts and the third was shot by the joint patrol forces. The fates of the hostages remain unknown till now with ongoing clashes.

Moreover, death toll keeps rising, amid confirmed reports of killing more military forces members. Accordingly, the total death toll since the start of Ghuwayran prison break on January 20 evening has reached 270: 189 ISIS fighters, seven civilians and 74 members of Asayish Forces, prison guards, counter-terrorism forces and SDF.
The Syrian Observatory asserts that this death toll is not definitive and is expected to rise further in light of the ongoing combing campaigns, as more bodies are expected to be found. In addition, there are many people who have sustained serious injuries.

Earlier today, SOHR sources reported that an ISIS cell of at least four suicide bombers was holding the head of Kumin neighborhood and three civilians as hostages in a residential building on Aghwat Street in Ghuwayan neighbourhood of Al-Hasakah city, while anti-terrorism forces surrounded the location.
SOHR reliable sources just reported that clashes renewed in the vicinity of Ghuwayran prison in Al-Hasakah, between SDF and Asayish on the one hand, and ISIS members on the other.
This development came after hours of cautious calm, as military forces conducted searches and inspections of neighbourhoods surrounding the prison.
According to Syrian Observatory sources, military forces allowed some people to return to check their houses, having been displaced from them in the light of blazing events of Ghuwayiran prison.
This caution calm coincided with the refusal of the remaining ISIS fighters in the prison to surrender, as they swore to fight to the death. Meanwhile, military forces were besieging this group, but they didn’t launch any operations against the group that holed up in the basement so far, fearing the possible presence of cubs of the caliphate.

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