The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Honour crime” in Manbij | Security forces arrest relatives suspected in killing girl after being raped

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that Internal Security Forces have arrested suspects and several family members of a girl that was found dead in a dumpster on January 27, where investigations are still underway. The girl’s parents denied killing their daughter.

Security sources informed SOHR that the girl was brutally tortured before she was killed, with the murderer being still on the run.

On January 27, SOHR activists reported that the body of a five years old girl was found slaughtered by sharp weapon and dumbed in a dumpster in Manbij city.
According to SOHR sources, the girl’s parents cold bloodedly killed her in a crime unrelated to honour after she was raped by someone. The body was transferred to Al-Furat hospital in manbij in the eastern Aleppo countryside.
SOHR renews his appeals for an immediate trail of the murderers and all the perpetrators who committed murder under pretext of honor in different areas of Syria.
On November 19, SOHR activists reported that an unidentified man kidnapped and raped a 3-year-old girl in agriculture farms in al-Shuhbaa region under control of the Kurdish-held areas in the northern Aleppo countryside.
According to local sources, the girl left her house to join other children heading to olive orchards, in order to see her father who works in one of the orchards, when an unidentified man on a motorbike intercepted her way and kidnapped and raped her.
On the other hand, population in the village searched for the girl and found her near the road between Deir Jamil and Kafr Naha villages, and took her to the hospital.
While on July 6, “no honor” shook the Syrian public opinion as a man killed his daughter in al-Hasakah city. SOHR reliable sources reported that a man hanged his 16-year-old daughter as she was raped by her cousin more than one year ago. Her brothers also killed her baby.
It is worth noting that her cousin was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a regime court and then the father prisoned his daughter in a room in his house in al-Klasha neighborhood that is under the control of the Autonomous Administration area in al-Hasakah city. Her father has killed her after the court verdict was confirmed and then fled to the regime-held areas in the security square in al-Hasakah city.