The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations | National Army factions continue logging trees, seizing and selling houses of forcibly displaced persons in Afrin

Aleppo Province: As Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against forcibly displaced people by seizing and selling their properties, Syrian Observatory activists have reported that “Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyah” faction has sold an apartment in Al-Ashrafiayh neighbourhood in Afrin for 1,400 USD. This department was owned by a civilian from Badanli village in Maabatli district, in addition to selling two houses originally owned by civilians from Raju district.

“Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyah” faction also has deported a civilian from Al-Popna tribe from his house in Al-Haidariyah district in Afrin city. This house was owned by his diaspora brother.

Moreover, “Jaish Al-Islam” faction has seized the transportation building near Kawa roundabout and seized and distributed shops to its members after an organization had equipped these shops.

A displaced person from Eastern Ghouta has forcibly sold his house in Ghazawiya village in Shirawa district for 1,600 USD after his house had been seized by force. This man has moved to live in a house in Al-Shamiayah village, after it had been built by relief organizations on the land of Afrin people who were displaced due to Operation Olive Branch.


Meanwhile, “Al-Sham corps” which is close to Turkish intelligence has cut down more than 200 olive trees in Kabashin village in Shirawa district. These trees had belonged to three residents from the same village.