The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey confirmation | Soldier dies in artillery shelling in border position with Syria

SOHR activists have reported that Turkish Ministry of Defense has confirmed the death of a Turkish soldier this evening after SDF fired artillery shell on Turkish position inside Turkish territory on borders with Syria.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces escalated their shelling on north eastern Syria, where the shelling hit nearly 20 villages and positions in Ain Diwar, Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin villages in Al-Hasakah countryside and positions in northern Al-Raqqa province.
According to SOHR sources, Turkish forces fired heavy artillery shells on Zonobya, Al-Arida, Al-Hoshan and Al-Dibs villages and the international “M4” road northern to Al-Raqqa.
It is worth noting that a regime soldier, a man and a woman we injured in Al-Hasakah, following shelling by Turkish forces from Turkish territory and bases in Bab Al-Khair and Dawudiyah in “Peace Spring” area, where the shells hit villages in Al-Hasakah countryside.
Moreover, the shelling hit Dada Abdal, Al-Asadiyah, Al-Ghuwaliyah, Al-Nuwayhat, Koliyah, Al-Kozleh, Tel Shinan, Al-Tawila, Tel Goma’a, Assyrian Tel Kifjy and Um Al-Kaif villages in Tel Tamr countryside in the north western countryside of Al-Hasakah.
A few hours ago, Reliable sources informed SOHR that Turkish forces stationed on the border strip with Syria targeted civilian houses with heavy machine guns and heavy artillery in Ain Dewar village in Al-Malikiyah/Derek countryside, Northeast Syria.
This bombardment sparked a mass civilian exodus, as numerous people fled to safer areas.
This attack coincided with a rocket attack carried out by Turkish forces at Kri Farra dam, which feeds Derek area with water.
Earlier today, SOHR sources confirmed that at least four people were killed in airstrikes executed by Turkish drones on the fourth power station near Al-Malikiyah (Dayrek) in Al-Hasakah countryside, killing military personnel and workers there.
It is worth noting the death toll is likely to rise because there are some people were seriously wounded, and the shelling had caused power cuts to some surrounding villages.