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Coalition operation at Iskenderun border | SOHR latest updates

SOHR reliable sources have reported new information about the International Coalition security operation that took place near the Syria border with Turkey’s Iskenderun. The sources have confirmed that a non-Syrian woman blew herself up with explosive belt during the operation causing her body to be torn apart.

Meanwhile, the basement of the two-story building has not been targeted by the Coalition forces that conducted the airdrop in the early hours of Thursday. The sources added that the forces have besieged the building and called on the residents in the first and second floor, via loudspeakers, to hand themselves in.

However, inhabitants of the house started shooting the security forces, before clashes erupted and Coalition helicopters intervened and targeted the area. Meanwhile, voice of a man was heard coming from up floors, but it is not known so far whether he has been arrested by the forces or killed.

On the other hand, Coalition helicopters have landed on “Kharab Ishik” airport in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) countryside in the early hours of Thursday and left around 05:00 AM Syria time. It is not known whether those helicopters have taken part in the security operation that took place in the area between Deir Balout and Atamah at the administrative border between Aleppo and Idlib.

Earlier today, reliable sources informed SOHR that a member of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) was among the 13 people who had been killed during the International Coalition operation in an area located at the administrative border between Idlib and Aleppo near the Syria border with Turkey’s Iskenderun, in the past few hours.
The HTS’ armed member who was watched near the targeted area was killed during exchange of fire with Coalition forces. SOHR sources confirm that the HTS’ member was not among the targeted persons by the Coalition security operation. Meanwhile, the main objective of the operation remains unknown.

Reliable sources have just informed SOHR that the death toll of the International Coalition “security operation” in Idlib had risen to 13 people, including four children, three women and three dismembered bodies. Meanwhile, the identities of those killed remain unknown.

These people were all killed in an airdrop and air attacks by the Coalition forces and aircraft near Atamah region at Iskenderun border in the north countryside of Idlib province. The number of deaths is expected to rise further because there is information about other dead people and also some of the wounded people have sustained severe injuries.

Until this moment, the main objectives of the operation have not been confirmed, while some media outlets have circulated many names of Jihadists among the fatalities. Meanwhile, SOHR stresses that the details of the operation are not clear. However, SOHR sources work on identifying the targeted people, airstrikes and other details about the attack that lasted for more the three hours and half.

Earlier this morning, SOHR sources reported that nine people, including at least two children and a woman, were killed in the “security” operation that had been conducted by the International Coalition in Idlib province.

The operation began in midnight (Damascus local time) and continued until 03:30 AM during which the International Coalition conducted an airdrop near Atamah region at Iskenderun border in the north countryside of Idlib province.

SOHR sources said that the operation was similar to that one which targeted Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in Idlib in 2019.

According to SOHR sources, the operation was complex as the Coalition forces were met with fierce resistance by militants who clashed with the forces that carried out the airdrop for nearly 90 minutes.

The Coalition aircraft took part in the operation by targeting the area with five airstrikes. Meanwhile, the identity of the targeted people and their destiny remained unknown till now.

SOHR sources confirmed the attack on a two-story building while no confirmed information about the identity of the dead people was revealed, amid the presence of scattered mutilated bodies. Also, it has not been confirmed yet whether the children and the woman were belonging to the targeted families.