The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG retakes the town of al- Sharakrak and 10 villages in northwest of al- Raqqa, and intense airstrikes carried out by US- led coalition warplanes

Al- Raqqa Province:

YPG, backed by the coalition airstrikes, could retake the town of al- Sharakrak and 10 villages located northeast of the city of Ayn Isa and its vicinity, which seized by IS yesterday after sudden attack launched by IS where they could advance on the western outskirts of the province of al- Hasakah. US- led coalition airstrikes played very significant role in retaking the town and the ten villages. Meanwhile, IS are still taking control over the city of Ayn Isa, while the clashes are still taking place between YPG and IS around the city.


The northern countryside of al- Raqqa had witnessed violent aerial bombardment by the coalition warplanes on IS positions in the countryside of Ayn Isa and town of al- Sharakrak.