The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: U.S. operation kills 13, including women, children, in Syria’s Idlib

A total of 13 people were killed by a U.S. security operation in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib before daybreak Thursday, a war monitor reported.

Four children and three women were among those killed by the U.S. operation which included an airdrop of forces and aerial targeting by warplanes in the rebel-held province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Britain-based watch group said the military operation took place near the town of Atme in the countryside of Idlib, just east of the border with Turkey.

The U.S. operation was confronted by rebels, who fought with the U.S. forces following the airdrop, said the Observatory, adding that the operation and the clashes lasted for three hours.

The U.S.-led airstrikes targeted the area five times during the operation, said the Observatory, which noted that the target is not clear amid speculation that it was targeting rebels’ leaders. The identities of the slain people remain unknown as well. There was no immediate comment or report by the state news establishment in Syria about the operation.



Source: Sansar News