The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS escapees | Hundreds of ISIS prisoners fled from Ghuwayran prison to Turkey and faction-held areas, others hide in SDF-held areas

SOHR has obtained new information about Ghuwayran prisoners as Syrian Observatory sources have confirmed that the number of ISIS prisoners who managed to escape from the prison in estimated hundreds, some of them have fled to Turkey and some of them fled to areas controlled by factions operation room “Euphrates Shield” in the eastern and northeastern countryside of Aleppo, some of them are hidden in autonomous administration-held areas in Al-Hasakah, Al-Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Manbij in Aleppo countryside, some of whom have been arrested by military forces in security campaigns.

Moreover, Syrian Observatory sources have reported that two ISIS emirs who were being held at Al-Sina’a-Ghuwayran prison have fled to Jarablus, which is under the control of Ankara-backed factions in Aleppo countryside. This raises deep questions, how did they manage to flee from Al-Hasakah to Al-Raqqa and then Manbij to arrive in Jarablus?!

Syrian Observatory sources have added that security forces managed to arrest a smuggler and three ISIS escapees in Hiesha village in Ain Issa, north of Al-Raqqa, on February 3, when they were staying with a smuggler to taking them into Turkey for 4000 USD per person.

Syrian Observatory sources have confirmed that the three ISIS prisoners have been in touch with the two emirs who arrived in Jarablus in Aleppo countryside.

The security forces also arrested two women working in the Civil Administration while trying to flee to Turkey to catch up with their husbands, who had recently escaped from Al-Sina’a prison.

The detention of the two women lasted less than 24 hours, as they have released under the mediation of elders and tribal dignitaries in northeast Syria.