The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations | National Army continue its search for relics and treasures in new archaeological site in Shaykh Al-Hadid district.

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Turkish-backed factions have bulldozed by heavy machinery and bulldozers the archaeological hill of Marania in search of relics and buried treasures.

The hill is in the south of Marania Tahtani town, near the Turkish border, in Shaykh Al-Hadid district in Afrin countryside. This hill is also registered at the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums

As Turkish forces and factions loyal to them took control of Afrin, dozens of agricultural lands surrounding the hill were bulldozed and destroyed, with most of the foot of Acropolis “high city” was destroyed, and its relics and antiquities were looted.

On January 25, Reliable sources informed SOHR that Turkish-backed factions were digging by heavy machinery and bulldozers “Furaq” archaeological hill which is located near Jeniders district near Afrin river and registered at Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums, in search of archaeological relics and treasures for smuggling and sell them abroad.

After the Turkish forces and their proxies took control of Afrin, the hill was completely excavated and vandalised by heavy machinery.

The excavated area is estimated at nearly 2,500 square meters, before the excavation have been resumed by Turkish proxies.