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SOHR: After he bled hearts.. this is new for the kidnapped child Fawaz in Syria

The classes of the Syrian child continue The kidnapped Fawaz Qetaifan More than three months ago. And in its newness, what the able Syrian artist Abdel Hakim Qetaifan announced, in a video he posted on his Facebook page, that the family “will collect the ransom amount” for the release of their child.

Qetaifan confirmed that the family is able to collect the ransom amount, without the need for assistance, expressing his thanks to everyone who helped.

In a comment he wrote on the video, he said: “To my honorable Syrian and non-Syrian families, who showed high and honorable human sympathy for the release of the child Fawaz Qetaifan… you have great gratitude and thanks.”

He pointed out that the family did not ask for the ransom amount to be collected, “neither from an association nor from anyone, and when we are unable, we will ask for that, and we will collect the ransom within hours.”

Qetaifan warned against “exploiting Fawaz’s case for blackmail, or to make donations and aid that he does not know where to go.”

The hashtag #Save_Child_Fawaz spread on social media in order to work for his release, after a video clip of him documenting his exposure to violence and torture at the hands of his kidnappers spread.

In a painful and unbearable scene, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published a video clip of a kidnapped child being tortured and beaten in order to force his relatives to pay a large ransom in exchange for his return to them.

In the video, the 6-year-old is brutally beaten with what appears to be a leather belt, lying on a bed, crying and begging his captors to stop beating him, saying: “For God’s sake, don’t hit me.”

It is reported that the child hails from the town of Ibtaa in the middle countryside of Daraa. He was kidnapped on November 2 of last year, while he was going to school with his sister, when two masked men riding a motorcycle intercepted him and took him to an unknown location.

According to the observatory, the kidnappers sent several videos of the child appealing to his parents, at different times.

In addition, the value of the ransom is 500 million Syrian pounds, or about $150,000.

It is noteworthy that both the Syrian regime-controlled areas and the areas in which a state of security chaos prevails, such as some governorates such as Daraa, Suwayda and Damascus, have gangs specialized in kidnapping people in exchange for ransoms and large sums of money.



Source:  Eg24 News