The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish drone attack | Five school casualties in shelling on Al-Hasakah countryside


Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have documented the death of two children: one civilian and a minor fighter, as well as a member of the cadres in Bahira village in Al-Hasakah countryside, due to an attack by a Turkish drone on their car in that village, while they were attempting to escape after their first car had been attacked in the village of Kharza.

A few hours ago, SOHR sources reported that a Turkish drone struck areas in east Al-Darbasiyyah countryside in north-western Al-Hasakah, targeting a petrol station in Khanki village, the junction of Jaberiyah village and positions near Al-Kharazah village.

The drone attacked a car near Kharazah village, amid reports of casualties.

Meanwhile, several areas in Al-Hasakah countryside experienced military escalation by Turkish forces and their proxy factions.

SOHR sources reported earlier today that Turkish forces started intensive rocket fires on Abu Rasin countryside (Zarkan) in the north-western countryside of Al-Hasakah since the early hours of Wednesday morning, targeting the villages of Al-Nuwayhat, Al-Rubay’at, Al-Assadiyah, Dada Abdal and the vicinity of Kisra town.

The Turkish bombardment was concentrated on Tel Diab village, destroying some civilian homes completely. However, no casualties were reported. Meanwhile, many residents from the area have been displaced due to the intensive bombardment.

On February 7, SOHR activists reported that Turkish forces and their backed factions fired rockets on the villages of Dada Abdal and Al-Bobi northwest of Abu Rasin (Zarkan) district and the villages of Asadiyah, Tel Diab, Ibrahimiyah and Al-Kasra north of Rasin (Zarkan) district in the northwestern countryside of Al-Hasakah.

One of the Turkish rockets hit a regime post in Tel Diab, where ongoing shelling was heard far away