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Russia-Iran cold war | Iran-backed militias set up military posts near Al-Tabqa military airport


SOHR sources have reported that Iranian-backed militias have established their new military positions in Khirbet Hadlah villagem near Al-Tabqa military airport over the past hours. Iranian-backed militias have also erected soil barriers and fortified their positions there. The main reasons behind this stretching remain unknown.

It is worth noting that this is the first time for Iranian-backed militias to strengthen their presence in this region.

According to SOHR sources, this stretching comes just a few days after Russian-backed forces pulled out of the area into Al-Tabqa airport.

On February 8, SOHR Reliable sources informed SOHR that forces of Russian-backed “Fifth Corps” had withdrawn from positions where they had recently deployed in the Western Al-Raqqa desert and headed to Al-Tabqa military airport, which is controlled by Russian forces for unknown reasons.

On November 12, SOHR activists reported that the Russian forces deployed S300 air defense system in al-Tabaqah Airport that is considered as a main position and base for the Russian forces in al-Raqqa countryside.

The deployment came in light of the Russian intensive activities of the Russians in northeast Syria along with bringing in large military reinforcement in the past few days along with conducting military manoeuvres by the regime forces.

Such reinforcements arrived at al-Tabaqah Airport days ago, along with bringing in helicopters to the airport. But the question remained, against whom the Russian forces would be directed.