The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

230 killed yesterday 06/07/2015

the dead : 14 civilians, 32 rebels, 21 Non-Syrian Islamic fighters, 38 Regular forces, 29 NDF, 10 unknown rebels, 79 IS, 1 Hezbollah, 5 non-Syrian militants allied to regime forces.


— 19 fighter from Islamic battalions and Jabhat al-Nusra killed by clashes against Shohadaa al-Yarmouk in Dar’a countryside.

— 1 militant in Jabhat al-Nusra detonated himself in a car in Jam’ia al-Zahraa, Aleppo.

— 78 IS killed by clashes and coalition air strikes between Kobane countryside, Ein Essa, and villages in Raqqa and Hasakah countrysides.

— 1 militant in IS detonated himself in a car south of al-Hasakah city.

–  10 Unknown rebels killed by clashes against regime forces, bombardment, and targeting their checkpoints .

– 29 National Defense Forces militiamen were killed by clashes and attacks on their checkpoints around Syria.

– 38 Regular forces were killed by clashes, snipers, IEDs, and attacks on their checkpoints and vehicles.

– 21 Non-Syrian fighters from ISIS, Jund Al-Sham and Jabhat Al-Nusra were killed by clashes and targeted bombardment.

– 5 non Syrian militants and and Iranian fighters killed during clashes against rebel and Islamic battalions.