The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two separate assassinations | Two individuals with “settled-status” and one civilian killed in Daraa

Syrian Observatory activists have reported a new assassination incident in Daraa, where two “settle-status” members were shot dead by unidentified persons travelling in Al-Jamea Square in the western countryside of Daraa.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the two young men were members of an armed group led by a person known as “Khaldun Bedaiwi Al-Zoubi” who is a negotiator with Russian forces in the western countryside of Daraa province.

In a related context, a civilian, who was a petrol pump attendant, was shot dead by unidentified persons in the vicinity of Glenn dwellings in the western countryside of Daraa. While, a member of the Central Committee of the western countryside of Daraa died of wounds sustained after being targeted by direct gunfire by unknown persons in Atman town north of Daraa, on February 10.

Since early February, the Syrian Observatory has documented 17 incidents of killings and security instability in Daraa, leaving casualties and deaths; Ten persons were killed: Five civilians and five members of the factions who had struck settlements and reconciliation deals.

Accordingly, the number of attacks in Daraa province since early January has risen to 47, which left 35 people: 20 civilians, 12 regime-backed combatants, two individuals with settled-status dead and ex-ISIS member.

Since the beginning of the security chaos in Daraa in early June 2019, Syrian Observatory activists have documented more than 1,339 attacks and assassination attempts by gunfire and detonations of IEDs, motorcycle-bombs and car-bombs. These attacks and assassinations claimed the lives of 979 persons, categorised as follows:

• Four local gunmen of anti-reconciliation groups.

• 323 civilians, including 18 women and 26 children

• 418 regime soldiers, loyalists and collaborators with regime security services.

• 166 fighters of factions that struck “reconciliation and settlements” deals with the regime and became in the ranks of regime’s security branches, including former commanders.

• 31 Syrian militiamen affiliated to the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian forces.

• 37 members of the so-called 5th Corps which was established by Russia.