The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime air force carry out more strikes on the city of Aleppo, and the clashes renew in its countryside

Aleppo Province:

The regime forces shelled the outskirts of the neighborhood of Jam’iyyat al- Zahraa northwest of Aleppo after midnight.


Violent clashes took place yesterday night between the regime forces against the rebel and Islamic battalions around the village of al- Hamidiyyah near the town of Khanaser in southeast of Aleppo, information reported advancement for the rebels and Islamic battalions and casualties on the regime forces’ ranks.


The number of people who were killed yesterday due to dropping 2 barrel bombs on the neighborhood of al- Ma’adi has risen to 5, including a woman. the death toll is expected to rise because there are some missing people under the rubble. The helicopters dropped a barrel bombs this morning on the neighborhoods of al- Sheikh Kheder and al- Hollok, information reported injuring of some people in al- Hollok.


2 shelled landed near Harun al- Rashid school in the regime- held neighborhood of Halab al- Jadida, no information about casualties.