The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syrian desert | Russian fighter jets strike ISIS positions over death of ten members of regime forces and Iranian-backed militiamen in 72 hours

SOHR sources have reported that Russian fighter jets executed nearly ten airstrikes on ISIS positions in the Syrian desert, exactly in an area from Al-Sukhnah desert in the eastern countryside of Homs to Deir Ezzor desert running through.


These airstrikes come after the death of ten members of regime forces and the Iranian-backed Liwaa Al-Baqer in attacks by ISIS cells and explosions of landmines, planted earlier by ISIS, in the past 72 hours.


SOHR sources documented earlier today the death of five members of the Iranian-backed “Liwaa Al-Baqer” due to the explosion of a landmine planted earlier by ISIS in their bus in Itheriya desert near Al-Raqqah, Aleppo-Hama triangle.


Accordingly, the number of people killed in attacks and explosions of landmines planted by ISIS in the past 72 hours have reached ten.


Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the death of two regime soldiers from Hamouriyah town in eastern Ghouta in a new attack by ISIS cells on a regime military post in Deir Ezzor desert.


On the other hand, a regime officer was injured, while three of his escorts were killed in a landmine explosion in their car in Jabal Al-Omar area in the eastern countryside of Homs, where ISIS cells are prevalent.


According to SOHR sources, the officer was from Kafr Aqid village in Masyaf area in Homs countryside.


According to SOHR statistics, Russian fighter jets have executed nearly 550 airstrikes on several areas in the Syrian desert since early February.