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Aleppo | Commander of Turkey-backed “National Army” killed in car explosion

Aleppo province: SOHR reliable sources have reported hearing a loud explosion in E’zaz city in north Aleppo countryside as a military vehicle has exploded in Al-Esyaniyah district causing the death of a commander in the “3rd Corps” serving under the banner of Turkey-backed “National Army”.

On February 17, SOHR reliable sources reported hearing a loud explosion in Al-Bab city, in east Aleppo on Thursday morning, as a car owned by “Abu Rateb Al-Mahshy”; a member of “Jiash Al-Islam” shura council was exploded near “Fatimah Al-Zahraa” mosque in the city.

According to SOHR sources, a member of “Jaish Al-Islam” who was commuted in the car has died in the explosion. Meanwhile, the explosion was planned to target “Abu Rateb Al-Mahshy” who was not in the car during the attack.

It is worth noting that “Abu Rateb Al-Mahshy” is the father of “Hamzah Berqadar”, the spokesperson of “Jaish Al-Islam.”

On February 3, SOHR sources reported the death of three commanders in Turkey-backed Liwaa Al-Shamal in an explosion of a military vehicle belonging to the faction near Jarabulus city in northeast Aleppo.

According to sources, the explosion happened when the faction’s cars were moving from their positions in Beir Maghar village near Jarabulus.