The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

No anti-arrest guarantees | New batches of families and young men leave Al-Rukban camp

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that a family belonging to “Bani Khalid tribe” and seven young men from Al-Rukban “forgotten” camp, in the Syrian desert at the eastern border with Jordan and Iraq, have been en route to the Syrian regime-held areas in Homs city.

It is worth noting that the number of displaced people who leave the camp have recently escalated as the camp is suffering from inhumane conditions in light of the suspension of support provided by humanitarian organizations, the high cost of living, and the lack of job opportunities. These factors have led to turning the camp into a “large prison” forgotten in the Syrian desert that hosts 11,000 displaced persons from different areas across Syria.

On February 8, SOHR activists reported that two families from Palmyra in Homs countryside left Al-Rukban camp at Jordan-Syria-Iraq border triangle in the Syrian desert and headed to regime-held areas in Homs province, although there are no guarantees to protect them from arrest by the regime’s security services.