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Fifth attack in 2022 | Israel targets areas controlled by Iranian-backed militias near the occupied Syrian Golan

As Israel continues its violations against Syria’ sovereignty with no reaction by the Syrian regime, as always, SOHR activists have reported that Israeli missiles fired from the occupied Syrian Golan, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, targeted a finance building in Al-Ba’ath city, and other posts in the vicinity of Al-Rowhinah village.

The attack caused only material damages. It is worth noting that Hezbollah and other Iranian factions are active and have posts in Al-Rowhinah and Al-Ba’ath areas.

This is the fifth Israeli attack for the Syrian land since early 2022.

On February 17, SOHR activists reported that Isreali missiles fired from the occupied Syrian Golan targeted at least one building belonging to the 7th Division ground forces in the area between Zakkya and Khan Al-Sheih in west Rif Dimashq. The sound of the explosion was heard at long distance.

According to SOHR reliable sources, the attack targeted a meeting for unknown security and military officials. The results of the attack remain unknown. Meanwhile, ambulances remained in the surrounding areas till the early hours of Thursday. The sources added that the region had witnessed, hours before the attack, high traffic of cars.

On February 9, SOHR sources reported that Israeli forces conducted two rounds of attacks in Syrian territory in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The first round was carried out by fighter jets flying over Lebanon, where the Israeli airstrikes targeted positions on the old highway between Damascus and Beirut in Rif Dimashq and the outskirts of Jadidat Al-Shibani in Wadi Baradi where warehouses and military positions of Iranian-backed militias are located. Meanwhile, regime air-defences attempted to intercept the Israeli airstrikes, shooting down some missiles.

The second round of Israeli attacks, which was carried out with rockets fired from the occupied Syrian Golan, targeted regime air-defence batteries in the same area, killing a regime first lieutenant. The death toll was expected to rise as the attack left several persons injured, some seriously. There are unconfirmed reports of more fatalities.

It is worth noting that shrapnel of a missile fired by regime air-defences caused material damage to civilian properties in a neighbourhood Qudsiyya area.

On January 31, SOHR sources reported that positions of the Lebanese Hezbollah nearby Al-Qutayfa city in eastern Qalamoun area to the north-east of the capital, Damascus, came under an Israeli attack. According to SOHR sources, at least five explosions were heard in Al-Qutayfa city followed by outbreak of fire in military posts and weapons and ammunitions warehouses of Lebanese Hezbollah in the vicinity of the city, while ambulances were seen rushing to the site of the fires.

While on January 5, a fire broke out in bushes of Al-Huriyyah village near the “disengagement line” and the Occupied Syrian Golan, after Israeli tanks had opened fire on a military post in that area.

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