The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Remnants of regime bombardment | Child killed in bomb explosion in Idlib

As war ordnance continues claiming the lives of Syrian civilians, SOHR sources have reported the death of a child of wounds he sustained, yesterday night, in an explosion of remnants of regime bombardment in Edwan village in west Idlib. Meanwhile, sources have reported the injury of two children in another bomb explosion in Bilyoun town in Jabk AL-Zawiyah in south Idlib countryside.

Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the death of a women and her brother “child” in an old landmine explosion in Khosham village in areas under control of the regime and the Iranian factions in east Deir Ezzor.

Accordingly, SOHR has documented the death of 33 civilians, including two women and 12 children, due to explosions of landmines and unexploded shells and bombs across Syria since early 2022. In addition, 45 civilians, including a woman and 34 children, sustained various injuries in the same period.

Syrian Observatory activists have documented the death of 691 people, including 97 women and 252 children, by mines and IED explosions and the collapse of cracked residential buildings in several areas of the Syrian territory in different areas across Syria since early January 2019.

Among the total death toll, there are 112 persons, including 47 and 19 children, who were killed during their search and collection of the truffle which grows in the areas that is subjected to heavy rain, and it is sold at very high prices.