SOHR exclusive | Ahmed Rahal: “Abu Amsha committed many horrific crimes against innocent people and he has to be given a fair trial” • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR exclusive | Ahmed Rahal: “Abu Amsha committed many horrific crimes against innocent people and he has to be given a fair trial”

Many bodies in Syria have welcomed the decision by the trilateral committee entrusted to investigate the crimes and violations committed by “Suleiman Shah” faction, which is led by “Abu Amsha” and operates in north Syria region and in Libya, in light of the horrific crimes which “Abu Amsha” has been involved in, including kidnapping, rape and seizure and looting of civilian properties, backed and supported by Turkish forces which are carrying on with their plan to Turkify and change the demography of Syrian territory.


After discharging “Abu Amsha” following diligent efforts and frequent calls by local, international and human rights bodies, many bodies have called for punishing the leader o the Turkish-backed faction for the crimes he has committed, while several tribes expressed their rejection of trying “Abu Amsha,” justifying their rejection by “concern about inciting strives and increasing security chaos in the area.”


It is worth noting that the trilateral committee had issued a decision discharging the leader of Suleiman Shah faction “Mohamed Al-Jasem” (Abu Amsha) and ordering not to name him to any posts in the future in light of the complaints filed against him.


Commenting on this decision, the top general Ahmed Rahal has told SOHR “I hope that the discharging of this extremist leader will be a start for discharging other leaders who have committed crimes and violations against humanity. The ‘Rights Restitution Committee,’ which was established after consensus by various factions, aims to check and investigate all cases have not been referred to courts which are under the control of Abu Amsha and his group. Moreover, the military police and security services are subordinated to war lords and factions’ commanders, which has made punishment of violators much difficult. However, the committee, with initiatives by some elders and dignitaries, is attempting to restore the robbed rights. Many complaints have been filed to the ‘Rights Restitution Committee’ over the horrific crimes committed by Abu Amsha against innocent people, which spurred the committee, the Supreme Muslim Council and the Mufti, Sheikh Osama Al-Rifa’e to instruct Abu Amsha the leader of Suleiman Shah faction and Abu Azm operations room, whose members have animosity towards Abu Amsha, to form a joint commission to investigate testimonies and documents circulated by media outlets, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as a human rights organisation, and activists in and outside Syria. Abu Amsha’s faction and other proxy factions attempted to exert pressure on that commission in order not to disclose the faction’s reprehensible practices. However, the commission was shocked when it came to know about the blatant violations, atrocities and crimes against the region’s Arab and Kurdish residents.”


“Ironically, Abu Amsha and his group have forced Kurdish civilians to pay rents in return for allowing them to live in their own houses. In addition, the faction loot harvest of olive and other fruit, raped and kidnapped several people and committed many heinous crimes. The commission could not turn a blind eye to all of these horrific crimes, although the pressure practiced upon it, and could issue the decision ordering the discharging of Abu Amsha. All corrupt officials and criminals have to be punished.”


Rahal has called for an urgent trial to “Abu Amsha,” expressing his concern about ongoing surveillance by the faction to people and threatening to punish them in the case they will headed to the headquarters of the “Rights Restitution Committee” to testify against Abu Amsha or file complaints against the faction. Rahal has confirmed that the faction’s members had threatened to set fire to houses of several families and to kill other families, which made these families to revokes their testimonies, fearing retaliation by the faction.


“That committee is a popular committee entrusted to investigate this case and refer results to judiciary. When the ‘National Army’ was formed, it comprised nearly 40 factions, each of them had separate police and security services, before all courts have been combined under a body that the factions called as the ‘Ministry of Justice.’ However, the judges were chosen by war lords. While all security battalions merged, at orders by the war lords, in a body called the ‘Ministry of Interior Affairs.’ Accordingly, judiciary and police are subordinated to the factions and run by war lords. How will these ‘judges’ try their masters who have appointed them?! Judiciary and security services are powerless and only follow orders and instructions of war lords,” added the top general.


Ahmed Rahal has also commented on the case of the death of Abu Amsha’s daughter, which has been circulated by SOHR, clarifying that no judge could address that case as it is related to that extremist figure, and that all members of the military police and security services seem to be subservient to him.


A video had been circulated on social media, showing Abu Amsha’s brother-in-law talking about atrocities committed by Abu Amsha and his faction in Syria and Libya, including extortion, kidnapping and trading in weapons and drugs. While Abu Amsha retaliated from his brother-in-law by prosecuting him and sending his brothers and cousins to prison.