The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“De-escalation Zone” | Four killed and wounded in regime attack in Idlib

Reliable sources have reported the death of two persons and the wounding of other two in missile attack by the regime forces on Afes village in east Idlib city that is considered as one of the “Turkish Army” strongholds in “De-escalation Zone” where number of points and bases of the Turkish Army are located.

Earlier, SOHR reliable sources reported renewing ground attacks by regime forces on posts in areas under control of the “De-escalation Zone” after house of cautious calm. The forces have targeted with heavy artillery areas in Al-Futirah, Benin, Fulifil and the surroundings of Al-Barah in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in south Idlib countryside amid intensive flight of the Russian reconnaissance aircrafts on Jabal Al-Zawiyah and Sahl Al-Ghab.