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Tehran, Damascus Hold Security Coordination Meeting to Confront US Moves

Security talks between Iran and Syria were conducted in Tehran at a time when Syria’s Special Adviser at the Republic Presidency Luna al-Shebel announced Damascus having information about extremist fighters leaving the Middle East region and heading to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Speaking to Sputnik on Monday, al-Shebel revealed that the Syrian government had communicated with representatives from the rebel republics of Donetsk and Luhansk to inform them that Damascus is ready for cooperation as soon as the turbulence in the region settles.

Al-Shebel’s statements coincide with Tehran holding an Iranian-Syrian security meeting on Sunday.

The top Iranian security official Ali Shamkhani held a meeting with the Head of the Syrian National Security Bureau Major-General Ali Mamlouk to discuss bilateral ties, as well as regional and international developments.

According to Iranian media, Mamlouk presented Shamkhani with a security briefing od the situation in Syria.

For his part, Shamkhani asserted that Tehran will continue to back Damascus.

“Iran, which has supported the Syrian government and people in the most difficult circumstances and the height of terrorist group movements, is determined to continue its support for the Syrian government and people,” Shamkhani told Mamlouk according to IRNA.

Mamlouk said that cooperation between Tehran and Damascus in counterterrorism helps in bolstering regional security.

The state-owned SANA reported that Mamlouk and Shamkhani reviewed means for confronting alleged US efforts for reviving terror groups in Syria.

Mamlouk urged all states to unite to end extremism worldwide and praised Iran’s role in fighting terrorism.

Shamkhani pointed to field mobilization to train, arm, and direct terror groups in Syria, and accused the US of playing a “dangerous” part in creating regional and global crises.

“The US occupation of parts of Syria is the biggest obstacle to the full return of security and stability to it,” SANA quoted Shamkhani as saying.



Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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