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Violations unsanctioned | Turkish-backed factions fell trees and take over houses in Afrin

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that Turkish-backed factions keep committing violations against displaced Afrin residents by illegal trading, taking over agricultural lands by force, felling olive trees systematically and terminating forest resources for financial benefit.

On the same context, the factions have been felling forest trees in Kafr Safra village in Jinderes district, estimated to be nearly 6 hectare of forest area.

Moreover, displaced families of “National Army” factions in Qorna village in Bulbul district felled nearly 80 olive trees, in addition to felling 60 olive trees in Arab Wiran village, which belonged originally to a civilian from Shiran district.

Regarding violations against Afrin civilians and trading with their properties, a member of Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyah faction, who works cleric in the mosque of Tarnada village in Afrin countryside, took over five houses of Afrin displaced residents by force and rented the houses to displaced civilians.

On February 26, SOHR activists reported that Al-Sultan Murad faction felled forest trees in Deir Sawan village in Shiran district in Afrin countryside northern of Aleppo, where the number of trees that were felled reached nearly 700 trees, with ongoing uprooting operations until this moment.
Regarding violations against Afrin residents, the Military Police and Al-Hamza Division imposed royalties in Rajo district on civilians wishing to sneak into Turkey through smuggling, where the royalties reached 1,000 Turkish Liras to allow them to pass the checkpoints towards Turkish-Syrian borders.
Moreover, Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyah faction imposed royalties on residents of Marimin and Al-Mazra’a villages in Shiran district of 200 U.S dollars, the royalties were imposed on owners of livestock to allow them to graze in the area. Meanwhile in Ali Karo village in Bulbul district, a commander of Al-Hamza Division called “Abo Ramadan” destroyed electricity poles and sold them as scrap for financial benefit.
On February 22, SOHR activists reported that Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah faction felled the remaining forest trees in Haj Hosna village in Jinderes district, and felled over 500 trees during the past few weeks to sell them as heating logs for financial benefit.
Moreover, Al-Hamza Division and Ahrar Al-Sharqiyah factions felled over 120 olive trees in Qorba, Qojman and Qilah villages in Jinderes district. The trees belonged originally to civilians displaced from the villages.
Turkish-backed factions continue their violations against the property of forcibly displaced civilians from Afrin, through illegal sales and felling of olive trees, and terminating forest wealth forfinance benefit.