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The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: The return of 800 Iraqi refugees from Syria

On Thursday, 800 Iraqi refugees left northeastern Syria for their country, after the Iraqi authorities agreed to their return, according to an official in the Kurdish Autonomous Administration.

The official in the Autonomous Administration, which controls large areas in north and northeastern Syria, stated that “the Iraqi government agreed to return 800 families,” including those who sought refuge in Syria with the expansion of ISIS’s control in Iraq, and some years before that.

The process of returning those who were living in villages close to the border with Iraq began with the departure of 800 people on Thursday, according to the official, who indicated that “there will be other batches” in the coming days.

The Iraqi refugees left in buses through the Al Yarubiyah border crossing between the two countries, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In Baghdad, a high-ranking official confirmed that the number of departures reached 800 people, including children, women and men.

“We have been checking their identities for a year for security reasons,” he added, noting that “they suffer from difficult economic conditions in Syria, and they will return to their villages.”



Source: Sawah Press