The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dream of reaching Europe | Dozens of syrian mercenaries register to fight in Ukraine by Turkish intelligence orders

SOHR activists have reported that heads and members of the mercenaries who fought in Libya and Azerbaijan have posted a list of hundreds of people, to execute military operations in Ukraine against Russia.

According to reliable SOHR sources, one of the mercenaries is from the western Idlib countryside and known initially as “K.K.” has submitted lists of dozens of names to Al-Hamza Division. The mercenary fought among AL-Hamza Division for over a year and a half in Libya.

Moreover, the Turkish-backed factions prepared several lists under orders of the Turkish Intelligence, however no fighters were transported to Ukraine yet.

Sources confirmed that the mercenary groups will fight in gang wars for monthly salaries over 2,000 U.S dollars.

It is worth noting that civilians register for heads and brokers of the factions hoping to receive money and reach the European Union through Poland.

A 30 year-old young man known initially as “H.E.” who lives in Idlib, has told SOHR that he wishes to reach European Union countries by any method and is even ready to be transported to Ukraine, meanwhile reaching countries of the European Union normally costs nearly 10,000 Euros.