The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Improving its public image | Russian forces distribute food supplements on residents of Rif Dimashq

SOHR activists have reported that the Russian forces in Syrian territory in regime-held areas are trying to show themselves as “Peace Pigeon”, by distributing food supplements and nutrition on residents.

On the same aspect, Russian forces have distributed 500 food baskets and “soda drinks” today on a small group of residents in Durin village in Qatna district in the south western countryside of the capital Damascus.

It is worth noting that each food basket contains: “0.25 kilograms of tea, 1 kilogram of sugar, small oil bottle, 1 kilogram of bulgur, a coca cola can, a notebook and a pen.”

Yesterday, Russian forces in Syria started to distribute food supplies in areas under the control of the Syrian regime, attempting to polish their image before the public opinion, especially with the current living and economic malaise which has been battering Syrian people.

In this context, a delegation of Russian forces visited churches and Christian sites in Ma’lula city in Rif Dimashq, where the Russians delivered a truck carrying assistance to the monastery of Mar Taqla, expressing Russia’s support to Syrian Christians.

The truck carried blankets, clothes, medical equipment and other supplies.

It is worth noting that Russian forces support groups of the National Defence Forces (NDF) in Al-Suqaylabiyah, headed by a commander called “Nabel Abdullah”, and other NDF groups in Mahradah, led by a commander called “Saimon Al-Wakeel. These groups comprise hundreds of Christian militiamen who are subordinated to Russian forces, where supplies are distributed to these militiamen periodically.