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Affecting by their wounds | Two Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” officers killed in Israeli raids near Damascus international airport


SOHR activists have documented the death of two officers of “Al-Quds Legion”, which is affiliated to the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards”, due to the Israeli airstrikes over Iranian military posts near Damascus national airport on early Sunday, raising the death toll of the Israeli airstrikes on the vicinity of the airport to four, who are: “Two officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and two Syrian members from Daraa working for the Iranian-backed militias.”

According to SOHR reliable sources, the two Iranian officers died affected by their wounds after they were transferred to hospitals in the capital Damascus.

It is worth noting that by responding to the Israeli attacks on Sunday, one of the regime’s air defense missiles hit a marble factory in “Suburban Al-Asad ” in Rif Dimashq, destroying the factory completely.

This is the seventh Israeli attack on the Syrian land since early 2022.
SOHR reliable source documented, in February, four Israeli attacks that targeted military positions of the regime and the Iranian factions in Al-Qunitrah and Rif Dimashq provinces. The attacks that were conducted with a long-range missile and fighter jets caused the death of 12 persons: five Syrian, including a lieutenant, three members of Iranian-backed factions whose nationality whether Syrians or not remain unknown, two Syrian members of Iranian-backed militias and two officers of the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards.”

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory obtained new details over the Israeli aerial bombardment of weapons and ammunition depot in the vicinity of Damascus International airport.
According to reliable sources, two members of Iranian-backed militiamen were killed in the Israeli attack, one of whom is from the southern Syrian province of Daraa and was operating under the banner of a local Iranian-backed militia, and the other was not identified whether he is a Syrian or non-Syrian fighter.
The Israeli attack also injured six Iranian-backed militiamen. Following the attack, the victims were transported to hospitals in the capital, Damascus.
SOHR activists reported hearing violent explosions in Damascus and Rif Dimashq, at 5 am on Monday, when regime air-defence system attempted to intercept Israeli missiles fired from the occupied Syrian Golan. The Israeli missiles targeted posts and weapons warehouses of Iran-backed militias in the vicinity of Damascus international airport. No causalities were reported