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Aleppo | Turkey-backed military police arrest two civilians in Afrin

Aleppo province: Reliable SOHR activists have reported that a “Military Police” patrol arrested on March 9 a civilian from Balaliko village in Raju neighbourhood and took him to one of their security headquarters in the region on unknown charges.

On the other hand, a checkpoint of a “political security” branch stationed at the entrance of Afrin city has arrested a civilian from Qybar village in Afrin countryside while he was heading to his work in Afrin on charges of “serving in the Self-Defence Forces during the Autonomous Administration’s control of Afrin area.

On March 9, SOHR activists reported that, on March 7, a joint patrol of the Turkish military police and intelligence services arrested a young man and his mother from Jaqlan village in Sheikh Al-Hadid district for “dealing with the former Autonomous-Administration.”

A day earlier, the military police arrested a civilian from Hammam village in Jendris district for unknown charges, while the people accused the man who is a member of the “Independent Kurdish Association” of being worked for Turkish intelligence.

Moreover, members of military police patrol arrested a civilian from Sheikh Al-Hadid district and asked for a ransom to settle his security situation.

Syrian Observatory activists also reported that a leader of Al-Hamza brigade, who controlled Kafr Zeit village in Jendris district, severely beat two men with sticks, insulting them in plain sight of people and threatening to attack them for unknown reasons.