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Under “Hezbollah” Supervision | Regime forces open up volunteer to serve in Hama and Homs


SOHR activists have reported that regime forces have opened up the volunteer in Shamal Hama area “Jabal Zein Al-Abiden” and Al-Sukhna area eastern of Homs, to establish new military formation taking using the harsh living conditions and suffering of Syrian people for their own interest.

According to SOHR reliable sources, the recruitment process occurs through civil indeterminate contracts.

The contract states on serving for the Military Intelligence Branch 217 and the National Security under the supervision of “Hezbollah”.
The recruited soldiers are given a card from the National Security Office within 30 days, and provided complete protection, in addition to immediate settlement for those fleeing from compulsory service and provided an apartment, food and 175,000 monthly salaries.

Moreover, a vacation of 15 days against 15 work days is given to those who volunteer for these formations.

It is worth noting that those born between 2004 and 1964 are allowed to volunteer, and the recruited soldiers are required to guard the posts of the highway between Hama, Aleppo and Idlib and to guard military posts in Jabal Zein Al-Abiden which is the centre for volunteering and registration.

According to local sources, advertisement is done through social media platforms “Facebook” and fake accounts, where the advantages and temptations of the work is advertised to gain more young men to volunteer to join the new military formation.

On March 5, SOHR activists reported that in the light of bringing in military reinforcements to the frontlines in Idlib countryside and Syrian desert, regime forces suffered from the low number of soldiers and fighters operating in their ranks. In this context, the “Army General Command and Armed Forces” declared the extension of deadline for admitting volunteers to the ranks of the Russian-backed Fifth Corps, as they issued a statement announcing that applications of admission to the ranks of the Fifth Corps would be extended and continued, and that those wishing to volunteer, have to go to the headquarters of the Fifth Corps in Istamo village in the countryside of Latakia on March 16 and 17.
The volunteer announcement stated that it is required for applicants to bring the following documents:

• Primary school certificate.

• ID card.

• Family Registration Certificate (FRC).

• “Science service” certificate.

• No criminal record certificate.

According to the statement, the volunteers in the ranks of the “Fifth Corps” will participate in the deployment in Idlib and Deir Ezzor frontlines