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Russia-backed battle-hardened mercenaries | Members of Al-Ba’ath party and former opposition leaders sign up to fight alongside Russia in Ukraine

Syrian Observatory sources have reported that in regime-held areas, the talks of sending fighters as “mercenaries” to fight alongside the Russians in their war against Ukraine has become the most common talk as these areas are hit by poor living and economic conditions.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, members of Al-Baath party and former leaders of opposition factions, who have struck “settlements and reconciliation deals” under Russian supervision during 2018 in areas south of the capital Damascus and Eastern Ghouta, have begun to openly promote fighting in Ukraine alongside Russian forces.

According to SOHR reliable sources, members of the ruling Ba’ath Party in Syria have informed the former fighters who were in the ranks of the factions and others who had completed compulsory service with regime’s army that those who have the desire to fight in Ukraine have to register their name at the headquarters of Al-Ba’ath party and delegates of the Military Intelligence Division in Eastern Ghouta towns and areas south of the capital, Damascus.

It is worth noting that it has been a high turnout of young men to register their names, to escape poverty and poor living conditions in regime-held areas.

According to reliable information obtained by the Syrian Observatory, delegates of the Military Intelligence Division have begun promoting to the young men that the salary to be paid to the fighter in the event of being accepted to fight in Ukraine will range between 1,500 and 2,500 USD. However, this is still a mere statement and the real amount of the salaries that mercenaries will receive if they fight in Ukraine remain unknown.

It’s worth noting that mercenaries’ names will be sent to Hmeimim base on the Syrian coast, to be approved.

Here are the areas where names have been registered:

• Rif Dimashq: Babila and Beit Saham. The registration of names has been done under the supervision of former military personnel who had struck “settlement” deals, south of Damascus.

• Eastern Ghouta: Ain Tarma, Kafrabna and Zamalka towns. The registration of names has been done under the supervision of members of “Baath Brigades” and delegates of the Military Intelligence Division.