The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Syrian Revolution 11 years on | SOHR documents by names nearly 161,000 civilian deaths, including 40,500 children and women

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has documented by names the death of 499,657 people since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution out of an overall death toll of 610,000 people whose death has been verified by SOHR in the past 11 years.

Civilian deaths are 160,681: 120,158 men, 15,237 women and 25,286 children, and they are as follows:

• 49359 civilians died under torture in regime prisons.

• 49,359 under torture inside the security forces

• 52,508 civilians were killed in shelling and gunfire by regime forces.

• 26,403 civilians were killed in airstrikes by the regime’s air force

• 8,683 civilians were killed by Russian bombardments

• 2,504 civilians were killed in airstrikes, which could not be ascertained whether they executed by Russian or regime air forces

• 2,320 civilians were killed by factions

• 900 civilians were killed by jihadists

• 1,063 civilians were killed under unknown circumstances

• 453 civilians were killed in field executions

• 1,692 civilians were killed in various attacks, most notably by gunfires and with sharp objects

• 1,028 victims were killed by prohibited weapons

• 919 civilians died of poor living conditions

• 4,113 civilians were killed in explosions

• 2,676 civilians were killed by the International Coalitions

• 17 civilians were killed in Israeli bombardments

• 866 civilians were killed by Turkish forces

• 4,563 civilians were killed by ISIS

• 418 civilians were killed by SDF and Kurdish forces

• 196 others

Non-civilian deaths: 338,976 are distributed as follows:

• Regime forces: 91,267

• Regime, Iran and Russia-backed militiamen: 67,242

• Lebanese Hezbollah: 1,712

• Non-Syrian militiamen backed by Iran and Russia: 8,628

• Fighting and Islamist factions: 80,017

• Dissidents from the regime forces: 3,588

• Syria Democratic Forces (SDF): 10,886

• Kurdish fighters: 3,228

• ISIS members: 41,101

• Jihadists: 27,971

• Turkish soldiers: 238

• Non-Syrian mercenaries loyal to Russia: 266

• Unidentified fighters: 2,832

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been unable to document the number of deaths of the International Coalition, due to the extreme secrecy shrouding their missions and operations.

These statistics, documented by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, do not include the following:

• Over 47,000 civilians were killed under torture in the detention centers and prisons of Bashar al-Assad’s regime (SOHR obtained information about their death during the period of their detention).

• Over 3,200 fighters of Kurdistan Workers’ Party were killed while fighting alongside Syria Democratic Forces.

• More than 3,200 abducted civilians and fighters in ISIS prisons.

• More than 4,100 prisoners and missing members of the regime forces and loyal militiamen.

• Over 1,800 persons were kidnapped by rebel and islamists factions, “Islamic State” organisation and Fateh al-Sham Front (former Jabhat Al-Nusra) on charges of “loyalty to the regime”.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that the real and actual number of people who were killed to be in Syria of nearly 53,000, well above the numbers that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been able to document, simply due to the extreme secrecy surrounding the number of casualties by the warring parties; furthermore, the Observatory has been unable to document many civilians deaths due to the difficulty of reaching some remote areas in Syria.

Additionally, the ongoing military operations, shelling, bombardment and various explosions have injured more than 2.1 million Syrian civilians with varying injuries, wounds and permanent disabilities.

About 13,000,000 other civilians, including hundreds of thousands of children and women, have been displaced. Furthermore, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, and private and public property have been substantially damaged or destroyed.

We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, call on the international community once again to work hard to stop the bloodshed in Syria. The people of Syria have been facing tyranny and oppression in their noble endeavour and cause obtaining justice, democracy, freedom and equality.


The Syrian Observatory renews its commitment to continue monitoring and documenting all the developments on the ground in Syria including, the massacres, violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against the Syrian people, as well as publishing all relevant statistics and causalities of such heinous acts, and hope to help all the ongoing efforts of bringing the perpetrators to special international courts, so that they do not escape justice for the crimes they committed against the people of Syria.