The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daraa | Death toll in Jassim city’s clashes rises to three, including two regime soldiers

SOHR has reported that the death toll in clashes that erupted between regime forces of “General Intelligence Department – State Security” local fighters in Jassim city in the western quarter of northern Daraa countryside yesterday has risen to three: Two regime soldiers and a young man, in addition to other injuries.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, an agreement between dignitaries from Jassim city and the regime forces led to the handover of three regime prisoners and the withdrawal of the fighting group from the city to an unknown destination.

Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the killing of a member of “General Intelligence Department – State Security” and the injury of three other regime soldiers and also documented the death of a young man and the injuring of four others, including a child, by indiscriminate gunfires in clashes that erupted since yesterday dawn between regime forces and a fighter group in Jassim city in the northern Daraa countryside.

SOHR activists had reported that local fighters in the western district of Jassim city in northern Daraa countryside had damaged four armoured vehicles of regime forces in clashes that erupted on Tuesday dawn.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, local fighters also managed to capture at least three regime soldiers and injure others.

These developments came after the regime forces brought massive military reinforcements to Jassim city and its vicinity. These reinforcements comprise “Zil” vehicles loaded with dozens of regime members.

It is worth noting that negotiations between dignitaries from Jassim and regime officers at Jassim cultural centre were run.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, regime forces brought further military reinforcements into Jassim city in an attempt to storm buildings inside which local fighters were holed up.

Since early 2022, the number of attacks in Daraa province has risen to 86, which left 68 people dead; and they are as follows: 35 civilians, 28 regime military personnel, “collaborators” with security services, three individuals with settled-status, an ex-ISIS member and three unidentified people.