The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Nearly month after Russian-Ukrainian war | Russian warplanes execute 298 airstrikes on Syrian desert


Russian warplanes executed less than quarter the airstrikes they used to execute before the Russian-Ukrainian war

SOHR activists have reported that Syrian lands have witnessed significent reduction in activity of Russian forces in different areas, since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 24, 2022.

SOHR activists reported that since the start of the Russian war on Ukraine on 24 February 2022, Syrian territory had witnessed a remarkable decline in the activity of Russian forces in different areas. Russian aerial bombardment on the Syrian desert had decreased four times as much as before the war on Ukraine.

According to SOHR documentation and statistics, 298 airstrikes were carried out by Russian fighter jets on ISIS hideouts in the Syrian desert from February 24 until March 22. While more than 1250 Russian airstrikes hit Syrian deserts during the 30 days before the Russian war on Ukraine from February 9 until February 23.

Sources of the 25th Division confirmed to SOHR that the Russian forces was training members of their affiliated armed groups to participate in street fights, coinciding with special training for Russian pilots in the desert’s region.