The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rif Dimashq security chaos | Gunmen storm house of boy who raped and killed a girl

Rif Dimashq province: SOHR activists have reported that gunmen from Kanaker town have attacked the house of the boy who raped a little girl from the town, who died after going into a coma in a hospital on March 25, where extensive shooting was heard in the town. However no casualties have been reported yet.

Yesterday, reliable SOHR sources confirmed that the little girl who went missing for hours and died on March 25, was raped by a 17 year-old civilian before entering a coma in a garden in Kanaker town in the western Rif Dimashq, and died later after being transported to the hospital.
On March 27, SOHR activists reported that residents found a deceased baby girl in one of the orchards in Kanaker town, west of Rif Dimashq, hours after she went missing last Friday. The girl had been transported to a hospital in the capital, Damascus, but she died.
This came amid conflicting stories on the causes of death. One member of the girl’s family said that she is dead in a motorcycle accident and had been thrown into agricultural land, but other sources said that the cause of death may had been due to reprisals.