The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russia-Ukraine war | Russian-backed 25th Division conducts advanced military drills in central and NW Syria to fight in Ukraine

The “25th Division” of regime forces, which receives orders and funding from Russian forces, has continued advanced military training in central and north-west Syria, at the request of Russian forces.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the “25th Division” led by “Suhail Al-Hassan,” Known as “Tiger,” has conducted advanced military drills for the third consecutive day in areas in Idlib, the eastern countryside of Homs and Hama in order to make Russian-backed members and commanders ready to fight in Ukraine alongside the Russians.

These military drills are an attempt by the Russians to send clear messages to the international community that Syrian military Divisions of the “regime’s army” are on standby to fight alongside Russians in the Russian-Ukrainian war in the event of escalating fighting.

These military drills coincide with the return of representatives of Russian-backed Syrian military forces after conducting a reconnaissance tour in Russia.

Yesterday, very reliable SOHR sources reported that Russian forces ordered commanders of the Russian-backed 25th Division to conduct military drills in Idlib, east of Homs and Hama. The drills included airdrops by members of the division.

SOHR activists monitored helicopters used for training setting off from Hmeimim military airbase in Latakia countryside, where nearly 700 Russian soldiers and officers participated in these military exercises.